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Dr Nancy Roth
Associate Researcher
e: nancy(dot)roth(at)falmouth(dot)ac(dot)uk

Nancy's research interests coalesced from a Ph.D. dissertation of the German photomontage artist John Heartfield (1891-1968): the history of photography and more broadly the intersection of art and technology, the perceptual play between image and text, the implications of artistic collaboration. Both before and since the dissertation was completed in 1996, she has written art criticism, mainly on photography and on art using so-called "new media"--video and computing technologies.

Her keen interest in the philosophical work of Vilém Flusser (1920-1991) is more recent, following her recognition of how well its concerns coincided with her own. Flusser is currently only partially-known to a speaker of any one, or even two of the four languages in which he wrote. His work sets the relationship of images to writing in historical perspective, gives technology a central position in the history of art, and makes dialogue essential to human life. Nancy hopes to contribute to Flusser studies both by making more of the philosopher's German-language writing available in English, and by testing and extending his ideas on her contemporary experience of images, language, writing and art.