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Ana Carvalho
Research Assistant (March 2006 - April 2007)
e: dareceber(at)googlemail(dot)com

Ana Carvalho is a visual artist and performer, academic and web designer. Through live events, or setting up rules, Ana's art work and visual performances are result of the interaction with others in the exploration of fictional biography, ways of knowing, everyday life and process as art.

In her works, questions regarding technologies and identity (individual and collective) are approached through several methodological perspectives.

Her work in iRes was part of her collaborative project with Brendan Byrne, whith whom she is co-editing the book about VJ theory.

Ana is involved in the development of several collectives:

Visual Agency (www.visual-agency.net) is a collective identity, developing work in the areas of visual comunication, through web based developments and audiovisual realtime performances and writing fiction and theory.

As co-editor of the Project VJ Theory (www.vjtheory.net) with Brendan Byrne she has contributed to the deveopment of a growing comunity of theorists and practitioners who reflect and develop theoretical work related to the practices of audiovisual realtime interactive performance. As part of the editorial body of VJ Theory, she has been giving presentations at: Mapping Festval (Geneva, CH), Perform.Media (Indiana, USA) and Cimatics (Brussels, Belgium) amongst others. She has also conducted a few interviews published by VJ Theory, with Mark Amerika and Lance Blisters for example and wrote recently a text about communities related to this project, published by Vague Terrain (http://www.vagueterrain.net/content/archives/journal09/journal09.html).

The group Art in Hidden Places
(http://art-in-hidden-places.blogspot.com/), which Ana has been part of for the past four years, develops art projects in unconventional public spaces.

Together with Elsa Vieira Ana has been organizing a yearly one day festival called abertura (openess) (http://www.visual-agency.net/abertura), in Lisbon (Portugal), that takes place in July. abertura is an event open to new ways of looking into audiovisual realtime and interactive practices and related technologies, focused in experimentalism and collaboration. abertura is the first event of its kind to happen in Portugal.
As designer, Ana explores a common space between interactive art and design. She is responsible for the design of AgoraXChange phase 2 website, NALN, iRes Art and Design Cluster (UCF), amongst others.