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VJ Theory research description

Ana Carvalho
Brendan Byrne

March 2006 - April 2007

research description
WHOT festival

narrative, philosophy, psychoanalysis, cultural theory, ephemeral, performance, technology, aesthetics, politics, ethics, realtime processing, collaboration, integrating media.

VJing it’s the action of mixing visuals in a live/performance environment such as a club. Realtime interaction is a generic definition for VJing and for other events such as interactive installation art where the moment and time (and sometimes the space) define the work. Audio, visual and physical elements and also the public are involvement in the event in different ways.
A few books and websites are available about the practice and history of VJing and realtime interaction. There are also several active communities, discussion groups and festivals related to Vjing and realtime interaction. However at this point, from our research, there is a very apparent demand for work which draws upon philosophy and theory.

This project intends to develop a community actively discussing and reflecting on philosophy and theory related with Vjing and realtime interaction.

We envisage several outcomes, such as conference papers, journal articles and a symposium.

The primary outcomes will be the book and the website which we are currently editing and developing.

The book intends to be a collection of texts written by those intimately involved in Vjing and realtime interaction as theorists and/or practitioners. The website is a growing collection of articles, references and art projects in collaboration with our contributors and the growing community.