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November research description

Kate Southworth
Patrick Simons

October 2006

research description
performance description

Collaboration, DIY installation, networked performance, protocols, matrixial logic, phallic logic, participation, precarious protocols

November is a networked performance employing peer-to-peer instant messaging software and audio visual exchange via webcam that co-emerged between four participants in response to a set of fragile and ultra-thin protocols (rules of engagement) devised by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons. The work engages the logic of the network as it moves towards automation of artmaking, by creating a replicable framework within which participatory activities take place. However, rather than devising protocols based on phallic logic of incorporation, mastery and rejection, this work uses precarious protocols that trace a matrixial logic. Similar in tempo to the audio-visual counter narratives of earlier work, a live counter-narrative emerged during the performance as each performer opened herself/himself up to the other in constant reattunement and cooperation.

November was featured on many of the major media art websites including a front-page review on New York’s Rhizome, Boston’s Turbulence Networked Performance research blog that focuses on emerging network-enabled practice, US-based New Media Fix, and DV Blog.