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November performance description

Kate Southworth
Patrick Simons
Ruth Catlow
Marc Garrett

October 2006

research description
performance description

Collaboration, DIY installation, networked performance, protocols, matrixial logic, phallic logic, participation, precarious protocols

November is a networked performative encounter between four people that took place in October 2006. It was recorded simultaneously from Cornwall and London UK and was a Collaboration between Patrick Simons and myself of glorious ninth and Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrrett of furtherfield.org. The piece employs peer-to-peer instant messaging software and audio visual exchange, via webcam, and it was launched exactly 9 mins and 41 seconds before midnight 23.51.19 GMT (as determined by the length of the piece), on 31st October 2006. The performance consists of a braiding together of spontaneous and pre-meditated actions, such as reading from texts, listening, and improvised speech. Celebrating Halloween and the changing of the season, the four participants met on line to exchange collected data whilst eating prepared garlic.