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iRes is a dynamic research environment focusing on the ethical production and dissemination of cultural forms within network societies. Bringing together practitioners, theorists and communities of interest working across a broad spectrum of art, performance, design and media, iRes encourages the pollination of experimental ideas across disciplines. Research is practice-led and is underpinned by discourses around networks, technologies, art and trans-subjectivity. It is disseminated online and offline as network art and performance through exhibitions, publications and conferences.

The lively culture at iRes is supported by regular Open Research Meetings, Research Salons, Artists' Talks, Symposia and International Visiting Speakers.

iRes offers opportunities for posgraduate study in many areas of practice-led research in art. To find out more about it, visit MPhil/PhD

iRes Research Areas

Currently, the research being undertaken through iRes is organised into the following broad areas:

  Art in the Network
  Exploring the ever-changing relationship between creative practice and   network logic

  Matrix Theory, Feminine Aesthetics and Network Art
  Critiquing network logic through the work of Bracha Ettinger and Griselda   Pollock

  Production, Dissemination and Do-It-Yourself Ethos of Network Art
  Exploring the ethics and economics of dematerialised culture

Examples of iRes Research Projects

research description | artwork description | artwork | outputs

Visual Information Mapping
research description | installation description | documentation | outputs

research description | performance description | artwork | outputs

VJ Theory
research description | outputs | VJ Theory website

New Models of Curating?
research description | outputs

research description | artwork description | artwork | outputs

Paper Internet Art as an Index of Ethical Resistance
Kate Southworth | June 2005

research description | artwork description | artwork | paper | outputs