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Kate Southworth
Christina McPhee
Patrick Simons


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discussion on -empyre-
presentation at Avit 05

Internet art, Matrixial theory, Bracha Ettinger, feminist art, subjectivity, known, unknown, borderspaces, encounters.

Screen grabs from fuorange

fuorange is one of the first artworks to explicitly explore Bracha Ettinger's Matrix Theory, and to investigate the relevance of her theory to collaborative art-making. fuorange is archived online with London's Soundtoys and New York's Rhizome. fuorange draws on situationists' notions of derive and drift with particular attention given the relationship between walking and Matrixial borderlinking. It combines online aural-visual trans-narratives with field-recordings of performative walks. Produced in collaboration with US based transmedia artist Christina McPhee (a partipating editor for the documenta 12 magazine project, 2006-2007), and UK based sound artist Patrick Simons, fuorange reflects the artists' attempts to create shared intimate spaces within which their ideas and artwork could co-emerge.

As a direct result of developing this method of working Kate Southworth was invited to discuss the project in relation to theories of Matrixial Borderlinking on -empyre- the Australian-based new media art online journal. 'Articulating a Matrixial Space' a performative presentation outlining the collaborative production of fuorange was delivered at the 2004 Sensuous Knowledge confererence on practice-based research in Bergen, Norway.