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fuorange artwork description

Kate Southworth
Christina McPhee
Patrick Simons

July 2004

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paper (PDF)
discussion on -empyre-
presentation at Avit 05

Internet art, Matrixial theory, Bracha Ettinger, feminist art, subjectivity, known, unknown, borderspaces, encounters.

Screen grabs from fuorange
‘we need to theorize dimensions of subjectivity that move between elements of several subjectivities whose shared borderspaces can become thresholds of affect (emotion) or even effects’

Griselda Pollock

This project began with a desire to articulate a feminine aesthetic that supplements orthodox notions of subjectivity by drawing on the pre-natal space of encounters with known and unknown others.

The project was led by Kate Southworth in collaboration sound artist Patrick Simons and transmedia artists Christina McPhee.

The final piece brings together Patrick’s sound processing and generative music design that he produced from the location and voice recordings, Christina’s photography and html edits and Kate’s progressive movies.

The paper Articulating Matrixial Space, written by Kate Southworth and collaborative internet art work fuorange, contributes to the discourse within matrixial theory.