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fuorange presentation at Avit '05

Kate Southworth

April 2005

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presentation at Avit 05

Locative media, data, ways of knowing

photo: AVIT '05

Kate Southworth gave a talk which was part of Narrative Lab at Avit Festival in Birmingham. During the talk she discussed her own work that is based on the representation of data, and the mapping of data in the emerging field of locative media.

Kate is particularly interested in producing art that makes enquiry into the social and natural worlds, and which explores the ways in which new knowledge, and different 'ways of knowing' the world is produced through art.

Rather than engaging with one data type, she is trying to understand how different data types inform different 'ways of knowing' the world. Often, scientists and artists focus their attention on a particular way of understanding the world, to the exclusion of other ways. So, for example a statistician might know everything about the population flows in and out of a certain region, but know nothing about the emotional impact of migration on individuals and communities. An artist might visually record (as photographs or videos, for example) changes in the earth's surface before and after an earthquake, but not make use of satellite images of the terrain, or subsurface sound recordings.


AVIT '05