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Kate Southworth to speak at Tate Britain at Beyond the Academy: Research as Exhibition symposium.
Kate Southworth has been invited to speak at the symposium organised by Tate Britain in collaboration with London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange (LCACE).

Dematerial: critical debates in digital arts May/June 2010.
Dematerial and iRes invite you to participate in a series of events taking place across the South West region, which seek to stimulate and generate critical debates in digital arts.  

Kate Southworth on distributive method of artworking at the AHRC funded research symposium.
Kate Southworth delivered a paper on distributive method of artworking at the AHRC funded Collaborative Research symposium titled CREATIVE DIGITAL MEDIA RESEARCH PRACTICE: PRODUCTION THROUGH EXHIBITION.

Cultural_Capital to be part of Craftivism at Arnolfini, 12/12/2009 - 14/02/2010.
Cultural_Capital, a work by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons (glorious ninth), will be part of the ‘Craftivism’ project at Arnolfini in Bristol from 12 December 2009 to 14 February 2010.

Interactive Work-table and Escritoire exhibited at University College Falmouth 1 - 16 October 2009.
A contemporary interactive installation celebrating the 300th birthday of Dr Samuel Johnson is being exhibited in the Learning Resources Centre at the Tremough Campus.Interactive Table and Escritoire is an installation by artist and University College Falmouth lecturer Jason Cleverly.

playing practice at Canzani Center Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.
project playing practice is exhibited at the Agency for Small Claims at Canzani Center Gallery in Columbus Ohio from 24 July – 17 August 2009.
playing practice has been invited by James Voorhies, director of exhibitions at the gallery, to participate in research- and knowledge-based project space Agency for Small Claims.

Two papers to be presented by Kate Southworth at ISEA 2009.
Kate Southworth, iRes Research Cluster Leader will present two papers at the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2009 (ISEA). ISEA2009 is hosted by University of Ulster and will take place in Northern Ireland from 23 August - 1 September 2009.

Interactive Work-table and Escritoire at The House of Words exhibition in London (2 June – 29 August 2009).
Result of collaboration between artist Jason Cleverly, iRes Technologist Tim Shear and Celtic Internet exhibited at The House of Words exhibition in London to celebrate 300 years of Dr Johnson's birth.

Immobilité presented in Streaming Museum, a hybrid museum for cyberspace and public space on seven continents.
The 10-minute remix of Immobilité, a feature-length foreign film shot entirely on a mobile phone in Cornwall by Mark Amerika, have been screened in Streaming Museum, a hybrid museum for cyberspace and public space on seven continets.

cultural_capital to be presented at INFECTED SEMINAR in University of Plymouth.
Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons (aka Glorious Ninth) have been invited to present their recent network art project cultural_capital at INFECTED SEMINAR organised by curators Joasia Krysa and Geoff Cox at University of Plymouth on 28 May.

Join us for playing practice, collaborative curatorial event online and in the Urbanomic Studio, Falmouth on Sunday 19 April.
playing practice suggests a space where text becomes a matter of playing and playing a practice that allows for reading and writing to coincide.

Cultural_Capital is now in the care of curators
Cultural_Capital, a new network art work by glorious ninth, is now in the care of curators.

Immobilité, a feature-length mobile phone art film by Mark Amerika shot in Cornwall to have its premiere in New York
Immobilité, a feature-length art film shot entirely on a mobile phone in Cornwall by Mark Amerika, who was a Visiting Professor at iRes for two months in summer of 2007, will have its premier in The Project Room for New Media at Chelsea Art Museum.

Stewart Home on avant-garde and network platforms
The artist and writer Stewart Home has been invited to visit Cornwall in May, by University College Falmouth's iRes Research in Network Art and the University of Exeter's English Department. As part of his visit he will give a lecture ‘On the avant-garde’ and a hands on workshop ‘Network platforms and collaboration’ to students of UCF. See programme of events with Stewart Home here.

Artist Louise K. Wilson at iRes
iRes warmly invites everyone to the meeting with artist Louise K Wilson who will present her work on 24 February at 10:30 in Seminar A Rosehill Garden Studios in Woodlane.


Collaborative artists in-residence programme between iRes and Fine Art BA (Hons) starts with the project We Colonised the Moon by Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser
Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser will be Artists in Residence at University College Falmouth for 2 weeks in February and March 2009.


Programme of staff Research Seminars
iRes warmly invites everyone to the series of Research Seminars which will present recent research by staff at University College Falmouth. Seminars are scheduled to take place regularly on Wednesdays from 15.30 - 16.55 at Woodlane News Conference Room in Rosehill Garden Studios.


Distributed Art of Invisible Networks: Notes on Network Politics by Magda Tyżlik-Carver published in Techsty, magazine of literature and new media
The article by Magda Tyżlik-Carver Distributed Art of Invisible Networks. Notes on Network Politics has been translated into Polish and published in Techsty www.techsty.art.pl, a Polish online magazine of literature and new media.


iRes Tech Workshops free and open to all students. Register now for seminars in winter term!
Over the academic year 2008/2009 iRes will be holding a series of tech workshops which are aimed at all students who use digital and network technologies in their work. Register now!


Interview with Mark Amerika, visiting artist in residence at iRes in summer 2007, published on Tate website.
An interview with Mark Amerika is now available on Tate website together with production stills from Immobilité. Immobilité was produced in collaboration with University College Falmouth, where Amerika was a visiting artist in residence at iRes in the summer of 2007.


VJam Theory: Collective Writing on Realtime Visual Performance published by Realtime Books.
VJam Theory: Collective Writings on Realtime Visual Performance has been published by Realtime Books. The book is the outcome of the third experiment in collective theoretical writing which was carried on the VJ Theory website.


(IN)visible networks - exhibition for Networks of Design, 1 - 5 September, Spring Gallery, The Poly, Falmouth, UK
(IN)visible networks - exhibition for Networks of Design, 1 - 5 September, Spring Gallery, The Poly, Falmouth. iRes warmly invites you to the exhibition (IN)visible networks which draws attention to different political, ethical and aesthetic strategies used by artists to expose the conditions and creative possibilities of network culture.


iRes forums at Networks of Design conference, 5 - 6 September, University College Falmouth, Tremough Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, UK
iRes will present two forums during the conference Networks of Design organised by Society of Design Historians and University College Falmouth. Both forums will take place on Friday, 5 September, in Seminar 5, Tremough Campus, Penryn. "Virtual Networks, Social Fabrics" will start at 10:45 - 12:00, and "Beyond the Limits of Networking" will start at 13:30 - 14:45.


Resident artists at iRes in 2008 - Sönke Hallman (Department of Reading / Berlin) and Scott Rigby (Basekamp / Philadelphia)
Sönke Hallman and Scott Rigby are resident artists at iRes in September 2008. They have been invited by iRes Research Assistant Magda Tyżlik-Carver to work on experimental research project considering the concept of the common and community in relation to networks.


THINKING NOTHING - the void and its resurgence in contemporary thought - a one day symposium, Thursday, 31st July, 2008 University College Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
PARRHESIA - A Journal of Critical Philosophy and COLLAPSE - Journal of Philosophical Research and Development, in collaboration with iRes, University College Falmouth, invite warmly to one day symposium.


iRes supports Maritime Rythms
iRes warmly invites everyone to Maritime Rhythms, on Saturday 19th July @ The Exchange, 7pm. Inspired by the paintings of the late Sir Terry Frost, Maritime Rhythms brings together film, music and visual art for one night only.


love_potion and invisibility phial reviewed on Furtherfield.org
A review of love_potion and invisibility phial, two artworks by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons (Glorious Ninth), has been published on Furtherfield.org.


lab_Off Centre: Robin Mackay presenting Collapse
On Wednesday 4 June at 5:30 at Rosehill Garden News Conference Room, Robin Mackay will present Collapse in the series of events lab_Off Centre at iRes.


iRes supports major conference Media Matters: Friedrich Kittler and Technoculture at Tate Modern
Together with Birkbeck and Goethe Institute, iRes is supporting the major conference Media Matters: Friedrich Kittler and Technoculture organised by London Consortium and Tate Modern, which will take place on 27-28 June in Tate Modern in London.


lab_Off Centre: David Goldenberg presenting Post Autonomy project
iRes warmly invites everyone to the second lab_Off Centre on Thursday 29th May at 5:30pm, Rosehill Garden Seminar A, Woodlane Campus, UCF. This time it will take a form of a workshop leading to a conversation about Post Autonomy project and notions of what the idea of Post Autonomy could entail within art.


Doing a Doctorate! Research Study Day hosted at University College Falmouth
This research study day, Friday 16 May, 10am-4pm, UCF, Woodlane Rosehill Garden Seminar A, hosted by the staff and students of MA Twentieth Century Art & Design: Histories & Theories and supported by the Department of Learning & Teaching at University College Falmouth (UCF), aims to explore what doing doctoral research means from the student’s ‘point of view.’


lab_Off Centre - Inga Zimprich presenting CCCK
iRes warmly invites everyone to the first meeting in the series lab_Off Centre on the 28 April 2008 in RGS Seminar A, Woodlane Campus from 17.30 - 19.00. Inga Zimprich, artist, independent curator and researcher will talk about the project Centre for Communication and Context Kyiv (CCCK).


invisibility phial: dead screen scrollworks #1 – new artwork by glorious ninth
invisibility phial: dead screen scrollworks #1 is a new artwork by glorious ninth.


Kate Southworth on Live Art Falmouth 07
Review of Live Art Falmouth 07 written by Kate Southworth appears on a new festival website.


Eccentric City distributed by iRes
iRes joins the network of distributors of The Eccentric City, the world’s first dedicated eccentric newspaper.


Deborah Baker, joins iRes as Associate Researcher
iRes research cluster would like to welcome Deborah Baker as Associate Researcher. Deborah is a joint course leader (with Dr. Nancy Roth) of MA Photography at University College Falmouth.


Nigel Ayers, a graduate of MA Interactive Art & Design, exhibits at Newlyn Gallery as part of Green Cube collective.
Nigel Ayers, a graduate of MA Interactive Art & Design (2002-2007), recently exhibited and co-curated psycho/geography at Newylyn Gallery as part of Transition: Curators’ Edition.


Paper on love_potion to be delivered by Kate Southworth at ISEA2008
Paper on love_potion selected for the ISEA2008, a world's premier media arts event.


love_potion selected for the Rhizome ArtBase
love_potion a networked artwork by glorious ninth selected for Rhziorme ArtBase.


Presenting Participation 4 on Wednesday 10 October 2007, Kathmore Seminar D, Woodlane Campus, Falmouth
iRes invites everyone to fourth iRes Open Research Meeting in the series Presenting Participation. Jem Mackay, Ana Carvalho and Tim Shear will talk about their works, which will be exhibited at Participation exhibtion.


Exhibition Participation - 26-30 October 2007, the Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
iRes in collaboration with the artists warmly invites everyone to Participation, an exhibition of Contemporary Art in Open Media at the Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall from 26 – 30 October 2007. Programme of workshops and participatory events are also part of the exhibition.


Kate Southworth talks about Open Source at Tate St. Ives
Kate Southworth has been invited by Project Base to talk about Open Source as part of Social Systems, a multisite exhibition taking place in Cornwall.


Research Salon with Mark Amerika
Mark Amerika is Professor of Art and Art History, artist and writer. He joined iRes for the summer 2007 as International Visiting Professor. iRes invites everyone to iRes Research Salon on Tuesday 24 July at 13.30 in the seminar in Rosehill Garden Studio, Woodlane Campus.


Research Salon with Jeremy Tridgell: Using the web to explore the lost folksonomy of sustainability.
Jeremy Tridgell will explore issues raised by his latest research, funded by Education for Sustainable Development. Is there a visual language of sustainability? Can we examine sustainability by the traces it leaves in the visual world? Join us on Tuesday 3 July for iRes Research Salon at 13.30 in the seminar in Rosehill Garden Studio, Woodlane Campus.


Research Salon with Harry Palmer.
Harry Palmer is a folk artist, eccentric researcher, writer and producer , on a long journey of many varied artistic creations. Please join us on Tuesday 19 June for iRes Research Salon at 11.00 in Library C, Woodlane Campus.


Presenting Participation 3 - series of Open Research Meetings.
iRes invites everyone to the event Presenting Participation 3 on Wednesday 6 June in Library Seminar A, from 12.30 - 14.00


Mark Amerika joins iRes as International Visiting Professor for Summer 2007.
Mark Amerika has been named a "Time Magazine 100 Innovator" and has had four retrospectives of his digital art work.


Research Salon with Stewart Home
Join us for iRes Research Salon with artist and writer Stewart Home on Tuesday 5 of June at 11.00 - 12.30 in Seminar Rosehill Garden Studio, Woodlane Campus.


Presenting participation 2 - series of Open Research Meetings
iRes invites everyone to the event Presenting Participation 2, second in the series of Open Research Meetings presenting works which have been selected for the exhibition Participation.


Zoamorphosis: 250 years of Blake Mutations - iRes Research Salon with Jason Whittaker
You are warmly invited to join us on Tuesday 26 June at 2pm for Research Salon with iRes Associate Researcher Jason Whittaker.


Disrupting Narratives 13 July 2007 - Tate Modern in collaboration with iRes
This international symposium brings together some of the world's leading media artists, theorists and researchers to explore real-time interaction in electronic media.


Transition - iRes networking event on 16th May 2007
Transition is an iRes networking event at which you can meet graduates from MA Interactive Art & Design (MA IAD), and see and hear how they’ve got on since graduating from Falmouth.


Artists Talk and Research Salon with Kate Rich
Join us for the series of events with artist and trader Kate Rich.


Artists Talk with Michael Szpakowski
Join us on Tuesday 1st May from 10.00am until 11.00am for a talk by an artist, composer and educator - Michael Szpakowski.


Creativity in a Telematic Society: Vilém Flusser's Model - iRes Research Salon with Nancy Roth
You are warmly invited to join us on Monday 30th April from 2.00pm until 4.00pm at iRes Research Salon presented by iRes Associate Researcher Nancy Roth.


Presenting participation 1 - Series of Open Research Meetings
iRes invites everyone to the Open Research Meeting presenting works in progress of two of the artist taking part in the exhibition Participation, which is to take place in the Poly (Falmouth Arts Centre) in Falmouth in October 2007.


Music Video, Visual Music and Interaction - iRes Research Salon with Andrew Bucksbarg
Andrew Bucksbarg aka N_Drew creates audio-visual/VJ performance and interactive works, exploring digital-organic forms, live A/V processes and participatory technoculture, enthralling audiences with images, beats, ambient sounds and pixilated atmospheres.


Tea, collaboration, critical curating and... English breakfast
iRes warmly invites everyone to the meeting and conversation with Philadelphia based group of artists and curators Basekamp and London collective c:cred.


Call for contribution in 'PARTICIPATION' - artists and practitioners, students and staff based in and around University College Falmouth.
See call for contributions in exhibition organised by iRes to take place in the Main Gallery of Polly (Falmouth Arts Centre) in October 2007.
Deadline: 18 February 2007


WHOT - a day dedicated to VJing and realtime interaction
iRes and VJ Theory invite you to WHOT a day dedicated to VJing and realtime interaction on 25 January 2007, Woodlane Campus, Falmouth.


Open Research Meeting with Sarah Matthews
iRes invites you to an Open Research Meeting with Sarah Matthews on 6 December 2006 in Rosehill Garden Studio Seminar A, Woodlane Campus.


November an online networked performance by Glorious Ninth and Furtherfield.org
Celebrating Halloween and the changing of the season, join us as we exchange our collected thoughts across the Internet whilst each eating garlic cloves.


Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne join iRes team to work on their project - VJ Theory Book
Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne joined iRes team as Research Assistants to work on edition of a book about VJ Theory.


Discursive Picnic with UNWETTER at Open Research Meeting
iRes warmly welcomes everyone to a special Open Research Meeting – a Discursive Picnic - that will take place simultaneously in Falmouth and in Berlin on 5th April 2006.


Artists' Talks with Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead.
On 29/03/2006 iRes invites everyone to a lecture by New Media artists Jon Thompson & Alison Craighead as part of the Artists' Talks 2006 series.


Artists' Talks with Michael 'Takeo' Magruder.
On 22/03/06 iRes invites everyone to a lecture by Internet and New Media artist Michael Takeo Magruder as part of the Artists’ Talks 2006 series.


Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth
featuring at Open Research Meeting organised by iRes

An Open Research Meeting featuring members of local arts group, Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth, organised by iRes will take place on 16/02/2006 at 12.30 – 13.30 in Seminar Room A, Rosehill Garden Studios, Woodlane.


Packet Switching review on Furtherfield.org
Packet Switching, a recent work by Glorious Ninth is reviewed by Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett of Furtherfield.org.


Net art, critical text & creative freedom
Second Research Salon with Furtherfield.org artists

Furtherfield is an online platform for the creation, promotion, and criticism of adventurous digital/net art work for public viewing, experience and interaction.


Glorious Ninth at Port Eliot Lit Fest 2005
Love Potion by Glorious Ninth was presented as part of the Artytechs Parlour, an experimental gathering of interactive and relational artworks curated by Robert Hocking and Martin Sexton, at the third Port Eliot Lit Fest. This is the second time that Glorious Ninth has been invited to contribute to the Artytechs Parlour at the festival.


Packet Switching, the new work by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons at Net:Reality
Packet Switching is a 37 minute encounter with the liminal space between ocean and land, between emotions and thoughts, and between reality and virtuality. It weaves together images, live text, found objects, sounds and words that were collected and processed over a 12 month period.


Kate Southworth delivers talk at VJ Festival - AVIT 2005
Kate Southworth was invited as a guest speaker to give a talk as part of Narrative Lab at AVIT Festival in Birmingham in April 2005.

Exploring Audiovisual Interactions
First Research Salon and Lecture with Stanza in Falmouth

Stanza is an internationally known artist working within net art, multimedia, and electronic music.


Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons as guest contributors
at –empyre– in April 2005

Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons have been invited by Christina McPhee as guests on – empyre– during April 2005 on the theme of Border Crossings, Transgressions and Collaborations. They have been asked to introduce Matrixial Borderspace, and the ‘space between’ that is Glorious Ninth.


iNet blog for use of art practitioners interested in interactive art
Launched in February 2005 the iNet blog is supported by iRes, the Interactive Art & Design Research Cluster, here at University College Falmouth, and is a collaborative online space that facilitates the developing network of new media practitioners based in and around University College Falmouth.


Open Research Meeting
The first Open Research Meeting, organised by iRES took place in the Research Studios at Woodlane Campus. The online space, iNet, will be soon available in the form of collaborative blog for internal use at University College Falmouth.


Articulating a Matrixial Space paper by Kate Southworth delivered at international art conference in Norway
An intrinsic part of the artwork fuorange, the paper offers a version of an experimental collaboration between three artists: Kate Southworth, Patrick Simons and Christina McPhee in which they attempt to create a shared and intimate working space.


Glorious Ninth at Ignition Digital Arts Festival, Penzance, Cornwall
Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons, working as Glorious Ninth, have been invited to show their audio visual interactive work at Ignition, a day-long event comprising live digital art performances and screenings, as well as debates around the subject of live/digital art in the South West, to be held at the Acorn Theatre in Penzance on Saturday 11th September 2004.


Glorious Ninth at Port Eliot Lit Fest 2004
Flowers and Rationale by Glorious Ninth were part of Artytechs Parlour at second Port Eliot Lit Fest in St Germans, Cornwall.


Christina McPhee invited by iRes to work on collaborative practice-led research project within matrixial space
iRes cluster leader Kate Southworth has invited internationally-known American artist, Christina McPhee, to collaborate on a practice led research project exploring Matrixial space.