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love_potion selected for Rhizome ArtBase

love_potion, a networked artwork by glorious ninth (Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons) was selected for the Rhizome ArtBase http://rhizome.org/object.php?47262.

love_potion is an everyday, distributed performance artwork in three phases that uses borage herbs, seeds, magic spells, aural-visual trans-narratives and DIY installations. There is no single focus to love_potion rather it weaves several elements together that simultaneously exist in different places and across different times. Some aspects of the work can be performed in a gallery whilst other aspects are performed at home. Knowledge and memories of one element are transported across to another and back again.

Rhizome ArtBase is an online archive of new media art containing work by artists all over the world that employ materials including software, code, websites, moving image, games and browsers to aesthetic and critical ends.

love_potion was also presented as one of three glorious ninth artworks in the paper ‘Making intimate places through everyday performance artworks’ which Southworth delivered in November 2007 at Challenging Cultures of Death conference organised in Trinity College in Dublin by Institute for Feminism and Religion.