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Articulating a Matrixial Space paper by Kate Southworth delivered at international art conference in Norway

Kate Southworth delivered her paper Articulating Matrixial Space: A paper outlining a collaborative audio-visual internet art research project at the Sensuous Knowledge Conference in Norway. An intrinsic part of the artwork fuorange, the paper offers a version of an experimental collaboration between three artists: Kate Southworth, Patrick Simons and Christina McPhee in which they attempt to create a shared and intimate working space.

Sensuous Knowledge: Creating a Tradition was a conference organised by Bergen National Academy of Arts in Norway in October 2004. About 70 artists, designers and teachers in higher art and design education had responded to the invitation by the Bergen National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, KHiB) to spend three days listening to a few key note speeches, but first of all discussing examples of artistic research and development presented by the participants in the working groups.

In accordance with the subtitle of the conference – "Creating a Tradition" – one of the aims was to develop ways of talking about, analyzing and evaluating various kinds of artistic R&D. Another aim was to consider the special character of cognition related to artistic creativity.

The paper and net art work are both available online:
Paper: Articulating a Matrixial Space (PDF)
Artwork: Fuorange