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Kate Southworth delivers talk at VJ Festival - AVIT 2005

Kate Southworth was invited as a guest speaker to give a talk as part of Narrative Lab at AVIT Festival in Birmingham in April 2005.

Kate discussed her own work that is based on the representation of data, and the mapping of data in the emerging field of locative media. Kate is particularly interested in producing art that makes enquiry into the social and natural worlds, and which explores the ways in which new knowledge, and different 'ways of knowing' the world is produced through art.

The narrative lab is a creative and conceptual laboratory that has sprung from AVIT's networking space which seeks to provide spaces and frameworks where research on narrative within VJ'ing can take place. The primary aims of the lab are therefore to progress the conceptual development of the VJ artform, and to enable participating VJs to progress from a level of performance competency to producing work that can compete with existing media/entertainment forms.

AVIT is a community based and led organisation dedicated to creating real world links between VJs and the public and industry players through the production of events and exhibitions. The organisation itself has grown from the international online VJ community at www.vjcentral.com , which is an open publishing system for the interaction and exchange of knowledge between live video artists.




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