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Exploring Audiovisual Interactions - First Research Salon and Lecture with Stanza in Falmouth

Stanza is an internationally known artist working within net art, multimedia, and electronic music. Stanza creates participatory digital artworks across a variety of formats, from the web to CD ROM and gallery installation, which invite viewers to guide data-flows or to simply observe self-generating compositions. Stanza’s work crosses borders between art, technology and science and focuses on the protocols of the net as a medium.

On May 4th 2005 Stanza will visit iRes and MA Interactive Art & Design at University College Falmouth. He will deliver a Lecture and will participate in the first iRES Research Salon.

As part of the Postgraduate Lecture Series, Stanza will present his key projects to an audience of students and staff at Falmouth. This is a great opportunity for you to see and hear the work of one of the most widely known interactive artists, and to participate in debates central to new media artists today.

At the iRes Research Salon, Stanza will engage in dialogue with invited artists, scholars and researchers discussing the socio-political concerns of artists working with new technologies.

iRes Research in Interactive Art & Design at University College Falmouth is engaged in practice-led research that explores the relationships between art, design and new technologies.

Currently, work is focused on the development of supplementary online spaces located in feminist and dialectical materialist critiques of networks and locative media.



Exploring Audiovisual Interactions
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