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Immobilité presented in Streaming Museum, a hybrid museum for cyberspace and public space on seven continents.

The 10-minute remix of Immobilité, a feature-length foreign film shot entirely on a mobile phone in Cornwall by Mark Amerika, have been screened in Streaming Museum, a hybrid museum for cyberspace and public space on seven continets. Cyberspace and public space locations include: Streamingmuseum.org; Second Life, Ars Virtua New Media Center - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Butler/244/13/72, and urban screens in Montevideo, Liverpool, Bucharest, Milan, Melbourne, Seoul, Antarctica [Jubany Scientific Station of Argentina], and Port Elizabeth. Immobilité is also being shown as part of BBC Big Screens programme on 17 screens in UK cities.

The website component of the artwork immobilite.com is itself an experiment in expanding the work beyond the museum installation space and includes both video and audio remixes, a freely downloadable "Director's Notebook," and an iPhone application that when downloaded can be played as a condensed version of the work composed of remixed film stills and subtitles.

Amerika writes in Director’s Blog:
"One of the exciting developments with this experiment in hybrid exhibition potential, is that the work can now thrive in a variety of contexts and economies. One can experience any number of versions of the work including the online “extras” with textual accompaniment, a big city urban screen, computer accessed TV, a free iPhone app download, or as a limited edition stand-alone feature length arthouse film installation (i.e. the version now playing in the Chelsea Art Museum — for what is a museum or commercial gallery if not an arthouse?)".

Mark Amerika was a Visiting Artist at iRes for two months in summer of 2007. Financial support for the creation of Immobilité was provided by Tate Media, iRes at University College Falmouth, and the University of Colorado Innovative Grant and LEAP awards.

Tate Interactive Art interview with Mark Amerika