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Cultural_Capital to be part of 'Craftivism' at Arnolfini

Cultural_Capital, a distributed artwork by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons (glorious ninth), will be part of the ‘Craftivism’ project at Arnolfini in Bristol from 12 December 2009 to 14 February 2010.

Cultural_Capital is a touring artwork that accumulates bacteria and cultural capital from every venue in which it is installed.

Cultural_Capital was launched in Cornwall in March 2009. It is now in the care of curators. Visit http://cc.gloriousninth.net/ for updates on stages of the project.

From Tuesday 1st December 2009 curator Zoe Shearman, Relational, Bristol will care for the sough dough starter during installation week of Arnolfini’s Craftivism exhibition. As part of Craftivism, Arnolfini café bar will bake the starter into snacks which will be distributed at the opening on Friday 11th December (6-8pm) and, with the Bakery at Bordeaux Quay, produce a supply of bread during the exhibition which continues until 14th February 2010.

'Craftivism' is a contemporary art exhibition that responds to the resurgent interest in craft as it relates to socially-engaged art practices.

'Craftivism' will involve fourteen projects developed by artists and collectives that work with craft-based traditions and activist practices, and who employ the tactics of 'craftivism' (combining crafting + activism) to question, disrupt or replace the dominant models of mass culture and consumerism.

The project attempts to collapse the distinction between 'making' and 'doing' - the former associated with craft, the latter with human endeavour - to characterise making/doing as ethical action. It places an emphasis on interaction and participation in the wider social realm, and employs aspects of self-organisation and 'open source' principles. 

'Craftivism' is part of the Artist/Activist season, a series of Arnolfini projects in Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 which will provide a socially-active forum for debate and learning around issues of climate change and alternatives to the culture of consumerism.

For more information about ‘Craftivism’ visit Relational website.

Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons (glorious ninth)work with sound, protocol, text, images and video to make artworks and DIY installations for galleries, online and other places. Their work is disseminated through a variety of forms from text-based lists in publications such as Databrowser 04 Creating Insecurity: art and culture in the age of security; numerous online exhibitions since 2001; events at festivals such as The Port Eliot Lit Fest; gallery installations in exhibitions such as the Arts Council England funded Net:Reality touring group show.