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Interview with Mark Amerika, visiting artist in residence at iRes in summer 2007, published on Tate website.

An interview with Mark Amerika is now available on Tate website together with production stills from Immobilité. Immobilité was produced in collaboration with University College Falmouth, where Amerika was a visiting artist in residence at iRes in the summer of 2007. Also available on Tate website is a short 3:33 remix clip of images and sounds from the 75 minute digital / mobile film now nearing completion.

Immobilité is the first artwork in artist’s Foreign Film Series. Amerika refers to the work as ‘a feature-length foreign film shot entirely on mobile phone.’ Shot in Cornwall in the UK, the work includes an original soundtrack by sound artist Chad Mossholder.
To read about Mark Amerika at iRes follow this link.

The interview was published by Intermedia Art at Tate. The Intermedia Art programme is focussed on art that engages the use of new media, sound and performance. Presenting a selection of artist commissions, events and broadcasts; supported by artist interviews, written articles and discussions that inform or comment on the work and its context.