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Exhibition Participation - 26-30 October 2007, the Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

iRes in collaboration with the artists warmly invites everyone to Participation, an exhibition of Contemporary Art in Open Media at the Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall from 26 – 30 October 2007. Programme of workshops and participatory events are also part of the exhibition.

This exhibition invites you to explore the place where the process of participation begins – yourself.

Why do you engage intellectually and/or physically in any given situation, event, community or network? What do you take from it? What is produced through your act of participation?

With participation and inclusion high on the political and social agenda, the question is: why do we decide to participate?

The Participation follows the development of participatory practice in the contemporary art represented in the selected works by artists based in and around University College Falmouth. The works seek audience participation at different stages and in different forms of engagement. Some of the works set up situations in which the activity performed or undertaken by the public completes the process. With the use of (new) media, such as computer and internet as well as video and installation art the public can engage in exploring the difference or perhaps no difference in participation in an online and offline set up or in more or less active engagement in the work.
We invite you to explore your personal decision to participate. Feel free to experiment with your own process of engagement or disengagement; explore the rules of participation proposed by the artists within each of the works and investigate the protocols involved.

For more information about the planned workshops and talks visit: www.ires.org.uk/participation

iRes is engaged in critical and interdisciplinary use of new media in researching the relationship between ‘network’ and ‘art’. Participation is a part of iRes activities in the field of new media curating.

Huge thanks to the artists and University College Falmouth for a generous support of the exhibition.