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iNet blog for use of art practitioners interested in interactive art

Launched in February 2005 the iNet blog is supported by iRes, the Interactive Art & Design Research Cluster, here at University College Falmouth, and is a collaborative online space that facilitates the developing network of new media practitioners based in and around University College Falmouth.

A previous version of iNet was launched last year by the iRes as a point of information for participants of the cluster’s Open Research meetings.

Although iNet is supported by iRes, it exists to meet some of the many different needs of practitioners expressed at the various Open Research Meetings. Here is a list of possible uses of iNet. If you have other suggestions, then let us know and we'll add them to the list.

iNet is an information resource, and any contributor is able to post information to the site.

iNet is a space where practitioners can present their artwork.

iNet is a space for artists/curators to put together exhibitions of networked art.

iNet is a space where you can make use of the 'comment' facilities of blogs to discuss your work in progress, whether that is art, design, practice-led research or theory.