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VJam Theory: Collective Writing on Realtime Visual Performance published by Realtime Books.

VJam Theory: Collective Writings on Realtime Visual Performance has been published by Realtime Books. The book is the outcome of the third experiment in collective theoretical writing which was carried on the VJ Theory website.

VJam Theory: Collective Writings on Realtime Visual Performance presents the major concerns of practitioners and theorists of realtime media in the categories of performance, performer and interactors, audiences and participators.

The volume is experimental in its attempt to produce a collective theoretical text with a focus on a new criticality based on practitioner/artist theory in which artist/practitioners utilise theoretical models to debate their practices.

You will find on the website the necessary information to buy the book online: http://www.vjtheory.net/realtime_books/vjam_theory.htm

The original transcript will continue to be available at VJ Theory website for free: http://www.vjtheory.net/vjamtheory.html

VJ Theory.net intends to develop a community actively discussing and reflecting on philosophy and theory related with Vjing, performed media and realtime interaction.

VJ Theory project was supported by iRes from 2006 – 2007. To see more information about the project on iRes website please go to http://www.ires.org.uk/research/vj_theory.php