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Open Research Meeting with Sarah Matthews

An iRes Open Research Meeting with Sarah Matthews, a student on 2nd year Fine Art at University College Falmouth will take place on 6 December 2006 at 12.30 in Rosehill Garden Studio Seminar A.

Sarah will talk about her current project in which with the use of maps, games and stories she explores the idea of returning ‘home’, “to a place that no longer exists”.

   “As a child I lived in Germany, and although I could now return to the     town I grew up in, I can't return to the way it was when I lived there.     Time has passed. My goal of 'going home' to the place I remember is     impossible in reality, but in games and stories, anything can happen. It     is important to me that this work is fun and playful, a lighted hearted     way to deal with an unfulfillable longing.”
                                                              Sarah Matthews

iRes Open Research Meetings facilitate the developing network of art practitioners interested in interactive art in and around University College Falmouth.

Meetings occur when particular themes are proposed.

We encourage everyone interested in interactive art & design to engage in iRes Open Research Meetings and in iNet our participatory online space http://ires.falmouth.ac.uk/inet