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Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne join iRes team to work on their project - VJ Theory Book

In March 2006 Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne joined iRes team as Research Assistants to work on their project which is edition of the book about VJ Theory.

They see this volume as paralleling the early anthologies of film criticism, such as 'Movies and Methods' by Bill Nichols, containing a broad range of analytical perspectives relating to the new medium.
They have issued invitations to discussion groups and forums for submissions of a short synopsis for a proposed article to be published as a book and perhaps an attached DVD-Rom (the DVD-Rom can potentially contain interactive art works, links, demos and video, audio and programming data).

1- Narrative and hyper narrative
+ The cultural position of narrative
+ Meaning in narrative
+ Narrative Structures
+ New narrative
+ Cognitive process and discourse\Narrative Practice

2- Ethics
+ Copyright and "copyleft" (the creative commons open source software and gnu licensing)
+ Cross cultural appropriation of imagery themes and content (sources for video and other visual assets and it's relation to the social)
+ Commercial sponsorship and market flooding

3- Real time processing and the problem of the "now"
+ Problem of the 'real' and the problem of the "now"
+ Internet realtime data
+Pure data/Gem and MAX/MSP, relation to sensor> process> output

4- Collaboration and rhizomic relations
+ Vj <> Dj/ Network collaborations

5- Philosophical and cultural perspectives including
+ Phenomenology
+ Language and the body
+ Schizoanalysis
+ Semiology
+ Feminist analysis
+ Deleuzian movement\Image
+Habermas and the relationships with cinema and theatre

6- Interaction
+ Public/ work interaction (how much should the interaction be apparent to the user of an installation for example)
+ Vj <> interaction

7- Software
+ Open source and proprietary software
+ Latest software developments and software in development
+ Software and ideas led production of work

8- Aesthetics
+ Moving wallpaper
+ The problem of the formal time/movement image
+ Control and the dispersal of control
+ Crafting the image and its relations
+ Abstract animation (e.g. Oscar Fischinger, Len Lye) and it's relation to reactive 3D modeling.

Carvalho and Byrne are both practicing artists and work in University College Falmouth as lecturers.

iRes is happy to welcome the new colleagues to the team and wishes them every success in their work