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Kate Southworth to speak at Tate Britain at Beyond the Academy: Research as Exhibition symposium.

Kate Southworth has been invited to speak at the symposium organised by Tate Britain in collaboration with London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange (LCACE).

The topic of the event revolves around the idea of an exhibition increasingly reframed as a 'research output'. But what can new forms of research and collaboration bring to the concept and curatorship of the exhibition? Is the idea of the exhibition being distorted or creatively extended by new disciplinary practices and knowledge? In what ways do new forms of research exhibitions create new types of knowledge and experience for the audience?

Other confirmed speakers include: Professor Bruno Latour, Sally Taylor, Dr Angus Carlyle, Irene Revell, Dr John Byrne, Alistair Hudson, Professor Leslie Topp, Professor Felix Driver, Professor David Cotterell and Dr Noortje Marres.

The symposium takes place on 14 May. To see details of the event and book your ticket visit Tate Britain website.

To find out about LCACE follow this link.