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Discursive Picnic with UNWETTER at Open Research Meeting

iRes warmly welcomes everyone to a special Open Research Meeting – a Discursive Picnic - that will take place simultaneously in Falmouth and in Berlin. Utilising current peer-to-peer collaboration technologies, participants in Falmouth will be able to communicate in real time with the UNWETTER group of artists, curators and theorists (www.un-wetter.net) in Berlin.

The event will take place on 5th of April at 12.30pm under the canopies near the Rosehill Garden Studios, Woodlane Campus, University College Falmouth, and at the community project 'Rosa-Rose' in Berlin-Friedrichshain (13.30). UNWETTER will connect to the internet via LAN connection provided by http://freifunk.net/.

With the use of wireless connection and iChat facilities participants in Falmouth and Berlin will be able to discuss, mix ideas and thoughts about curating, production and distribution of art in urban and non-urban public spaces, outside or within institutions.

     UNWETTER is the German word for stormy and turbulent weather. Like      UNWETTER, radical worldwide transformations (“globalization”) reshuffle      existing cultural orders, political hierarchies and knowledge systems.      One of UNWETTER’s ambitions is to react to these changes, to register      and to chart them, to generate new possibilities for action under these      changed global weather conditions, and – not the least – to explore the      new spaces which open up in this process.


This event is being organised by iRes Research Assistant Magda Tyzlik-Carver as part of her ongoing research into new models of curating, and is being technically supported by iRes Technologist Tim Shear. Students on MA Interactive Art & Design at University College Falmouth are gaining valuable experience assisting on the project.

There are a limited number of seats. Please reserve your place by emailing: ires@falmouth.ac.uk or calling Magda Tyzlik-Carver on 01326 370738.

The Open Research Meetings aim to facilitate the developing network of art practitioners interested in interactive art and design in and around University College Falmouth.
For more details about the Open Research Meetings and iRes please visit: www.ires.org.uk and http://ires.falmouth.ac.uk/inet



Rosa Rose community project