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love_potion and invisibility phial reviewed on Furtherfield.org

A review of love_potion and invisibility phial, two artworks by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons (Glorious Ninth), has been published on Furtherfield.org.

love_potion is a distributed artwork that pioneers the post-relational concepts of 'durational everyday performance' and 'DIY Installation'. The work brings together aural-visual trans-narratives, fragile protocols and everyday performance.

Components of the work have been developed and disseminated since July 2005, and the final version completed in November 2007. invisibility phial is a recent artwork by Glorious Ninth which can be viewed following this link.

Furtherfield.org is dedicated to the creation, promotion, and criticism of adventurous digital/networked media art work for public viewing, experience and interaction. Review written by Marc Garret can be read here