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Presenting participation - series of Open Research Meetings

iRes invites everyone to the Open Research Meeting presenting works in progress of two of the artist taking part in the exhibition Participation, which is to take place in the Poly (Falmouth Arts Centre) in Falmouth in October 2007.

We will discuss the subject of the exhibition – participation, through open conversations and debates about artworks which have been selected for the exhibition Participation

Open Research Meeting
Wednesday, 25 April 2007
with Chantal Brooks and Brendan Byrne
Library Seminar A
12.30 – 13.30
Woodlane Campus

Chantal’s proposed work for the exhibition is titled Bind. It is planned as a 3D installation made of objects donated by friends and relatives which will be joined together in the quilt-like making method.

      Traditionally in quilt making the surface is usually made in isolation,       using personal interpretations and stories, etc. Then friends form       ‘quilting bees’ add the filling and the stitching of other layers       over sewing, whilst singing and talking”.
                              Chantal Brooks (excerpt from the proposal)

Chantal is a practising artist and she has exhibited her work at Eden Project, County Hall Truro, Salt Gallery in Hayle and during Open Studios in years 2004/06. Chantal is currently in her final year of Fine Art at University College Falmouth.

Brendan Byrne will introduce us to his work, a computer based installation titled Apparatus made with the use of open source software Pure Data. Exploring the question of “what is the finished work”, Brendan invites us to engage in the discussion about the work as “a tool or an apparatus with which the user completes the work through a negotiation with the interface” (Brendan Byrne, excerpt from the proposal).

Brendan is practising artist and academic at University College Falmouth. His current artwork combines his own individual practice, research and numerous collaborative projects with an international profile. Thematically he produces work which questions relationships between technology and identity in Capitalism.
For more information about Brendan’s work visit www.anotherday.org.uk and www.vjtheory.net

These Open Research Meetings and exhibition Participation are curated by Magda Tyzlik-Carver and are part of the ongoing research into New Models of Curating undertaken by Magda in iRes. All of the events are organised by iRes.