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paper on love_potion to be delivered by Kate Southworth at ISEA2008

Kate Southworth, iRes Cluster Leader, has had her paper on love_potion accepted for ISEA 2008, a world's premier media arts event for the critical discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in interactive and digital media. ISEA 2008 will be held in Singapore from 25 – 30 July 2008.

love_potion is an everyday, distributed performance artwork in three phases that uses borage herbs, seeds, magic spells, aural-visual trans-narratives and DIY installations. There is no single focus to love_potion rather it weaves several elements together that simultaneously exist in different places and across different times. Some aspects of the work can be performed in a gallery whilst other aspects are performed at home. Knowledge and memories of one element are transported across to another and back again.