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lab_Off Centre: David Goldenberg presenting Post Autonomy project

Thursday 29th May at 5:30pm
Rosehill Garden Seminar A
Woodlane Campus

iRes warmly invites everyone to the second lab_Off Centre. This time it will take a form of a workshop leading to a conversation about Post Autonomy project and notions of what the idea of Post Autonomy could entail within art.

Post Autonomy reflects the state of contemporary art. A meeting place and hub for discussion and exchange about ideas that extend the understanding of Post Autonomy. Post Autonomy stems from the idea that modern art, as a research or understanding of autonomy has reached its limits in comprehending autonomy. In that respect art can be seen to have exited autonomy. What comes after Autonomy in art can be discussed by Post Autonomy.

Using a practice-oriented analysis of cultural, social, and political forces the aim is to develop a new mental framework out of which art can be reinvented.

David Goldenberg is an artist, curator and writer living in London, UK. He intitiated movement in the form of a website called Post Autonomy. The site functions as a research instrument into the concept of Post Autonomy.



lab_Off Centre is a series of events organised by iRes at University College Falmouth. Theorists, artists, philosophers, curators and others are invited to present their research and art projects which take place or/and consider the periphery in various dimensions. All the events are open to the public and are organised irregularly as informal discussions, workshops and presentations. To read more about lab_Off Centre go here.