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Call for contributions

Dear Artists,

iRes announces a call for artworks
for an exhibition which will take place in October 2007 in the Poly (Falmouth Arts Centre). The call is open to artists and practitioners, students and staff based in and around University College Falmouth.

This exhibition is an iRes event which is dedicated to showcasing contemporary artwork created in Cornwall.

It will take place in the Main Gallery in the Poly (Falmouth Arts Centre) from 25 – 30 October 2007.

The subject of the exhibition is PARTICIPATION which will be explored and examined in the submitted works. The call is open to any medium such as: film, Internet, video, event, animation, sculpture, illustration, photography, intervention etc. The condition for the work to be submitted is that it could be characterised as participatory or/and it explores the idea of participation.

Submitted work has to be a work in progress and due to be accomplished by end of June 2007. Each of the chosen works will be presented in their development stage during iRes Open Research Meetings from March ’07 until June ’07. Open Research Meetings may be used not only to present the work in progress but artists could utilise the meetings as another space to investigate the subject of participation, collaboration and involvement.

To submit your work, please send:
- description of a work which will include the following information:
  * title and a medium
  * description of a work including information how you would like to utilise     Open Research Meetings for your project. (no more then 500 words)
  * at what stage the work is now
  * artist’s biography (no more then 300 words)

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue and documented online in the form of a website.

The main criteria for the selection is how explicit or/and open to participation the work is and in what way Open Research Meetings are used to explore the idea of participation as a part of the project.

Deadline for submission: 18 February 2007
Send your proposal to: ires@falmouth.ac.uk with “Participation - iRes Exhibition 2007” in the title of the email.

The information about chosen works for exhibition will be published on www.ires.org.uk on 1 March 2007.


This project is curated by Magda Tyzlik-Carver and is part of her research into New Models of Curating? undertaken at iRes.

Open Research Meeting and iNet http://ires.falmouth.ac.uk/inet , our participatory online space, facilitate the developing network of art practitioners interested in interactive art in and around University College Falmouth.

An online exhibition INTERACTIONS (http://ires.falmouth.ac.uk/exhibition/) curated by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons opened up the subject of Interactive Art for the debate within the wider context of University College Falmouth in November 2004. Since then there have been number of Open Research Meetings during which participants’ work in progress was presented and discussed.

We invite all the artists to respond to our call. Please send your proposal to ires@falmouth.ac.uk by 18 February 2007.

For more information contact magda@falmouth.ac.uk