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Presenting participation 2 - series of Open Research Meetings

iRes invites everyone to the event Presenting Participation 2, second in the series of Open Research Meetings presenting works which have been selected for the exhibition Participation, which is to take place in the Poly (Falmouth Arts Centre) in Falmouth in October 2007.

During the meetings we will discuss the subject of the exhibition – participation, through open conversations and debates about artworks.

Open Research Meeting
Wednesday, 23 May 2007
with Jane Bailey, Robin Hawes, Ana Carvalho
Library Seminar A
12.30 – 14.00
Woodlane Campus

Jane Bailey will present her work Vanishing Points: Person, Place, Mediation, an iterative video-installation. Jane is interested in exploring the less visible forms of participation which may occur in what she characterises as the “gaps” and “spaces” produced by the work.

      “Previously my practice has been concretely and visibly participative:        usually making work collaboratively. Although this background informs        Vanishing Points, in this particular work I aim to exploit less        tangible forms of interaction and participation. Suspicious, or at        least cautious, of some of the claims and expectations around        participation - rather than seeing participation as inherently        positive, I take a simultaneously engaged but wary approach to        joining-in.”
                              Jane Bailey (excerpt from the proposal)

Jane is a practising artist who has collaborated on numerous projects. Recent work includes LAND, a video Commission by Croydon Clocktower, made in collaboration with Ze Tubia.

Robin Hawes in his work Private View: The Nature of Visual Process investigates the process of contemplation of a work of art by the viewer. With the use of the latest eye-tracking technology, the spectator’s gaze will be recorded. This sensory data will then be interpreted using information about the physiology of the human retina and then combined to create number of new artworks. This project is collaboration between the artist and Dr. Tim Hodgson, senior lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at the School of Psychology, University of Exeter.

Robin Hawes’ creative practice is inspired by his fascination for psychology and, in particular, “the processes by which our experience of the external world both influence and inform the construction of our identities an inner ‘sense of self’ as we develop from childhood” (from artist’s bio).
Robin is a designer and practicing artist; graduate of MA in Contemporary Visual Practice at University College Falmouth and he also works as research assistant at RANE – Research in Art, Nature and Environment at UCF.

Ana Carvalho is developing a second part of her work Diaries Book for the exhibition. It is Internet based project which explores the processes and ways of knowing. In this mix of technology, Internet tools enhancing participation and collaboration with disciplines of knowledge such as numerology and self-hypnosis, the artist will engage in the process of knowing and understanding herself and others around her. The blog for Diaries Book Vol. 2 is available on http://diaries-book-vol2.blogspot.com/

Ana is a visual artist born in Porto, Portugal and living at the moment in Falmouth, UK. Major themes in the work of Ana are emotional celebrations in daily life, women’s achievements, fictional biography and ways of knowing. Ana is also a practicing VJ and co-editor of VJ Theory book and project (www.vjtheory.net).


The artists, who will take part in the exhibition, work in different media such as video, internet, computer based installations and mixed media. Open Research Meetings are occasion for those interested to look deeper into the process of producing a work which is also engaged in establishing and suggesting relationships between the kinds of participation and the media used.

Open Research Meetings are also considered to be a discursive part of the projects for artists and the curator to explore other meanings of participation, perhaps not originally concerned and/or included in the work and not necessarily intended for the work.
Everyone is invited to join this process and search for other meanings of Participation.

These Open Research Meetings and exhibition Participation are curated by Magda Tyzlik-Carver and are part of the ongoing research into New Models of Curating undertaken by Magda in iRes. All of the events are organised by iRes.

Please circulate this information to anyone interested.