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Two papers to be presented by Kate Southworth at ISEA 2009.

Kate Southworth, iRes Research in Network Art Cluster Leader will present two papers at the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2009 (ISEA). ISEA2009 is hosted by University of Ulster and will take place in Northern Ireland from 23 August - 1 September 2009.

She will deliver a paper titled ‘Co-curating: distributing art globally, enacting art locally’ as part of the Positionings: local and global transactions strand. The theme Positionings takes as its point of departure the processes through which spaces are being constructed, re-mapped and negotiated in the contemporary situation of global capital, digitisation and migration.

‘Transformative practices: the aesthetics, ethics and politics of social relations’ is the title of Southworth’s second paper which will be delivered as part of the strand Transformative Creativity – Participatory Practices: New Media Art and Relational Aesthetics. The conference theme Transformative Creativity – Participatory Practices highlights the operations and limitations of conventional (post-modernist) aesthetic models and cultural representation. Contributions were invited that challenge established templates of creative practice and audio-visual / multimedia re/presentations and their associated hierarchies of value, modes of understanding and agency in society.

ISEA2009 will be concerned with Engaged Creativity in Mobile Environments. The incessant change of physical and virtual environments under the influence of global capital and mass migration effected by digital information and communication technologies has come to determine the life experience for billions of people. These conditions radically and rapidly alter the ways we communicate; how we make meaning of the world and how we conduct our lives along dramatically changing fault lines of the private and the public. Digital technologies as the fuel of global capital have not only effected dynamic and increasingly precarious labour relations, they underpin and challenge the negotiation of political and economic, social and cultural, religious and territorial conflicts and the re/organisation of society and its spaces alongside changing notions of democracy, citizenship and (self-) governance.

For more information about ISEA2009 visit their website http://www.isea2009.org/

Kate Southworth is an artist and researcher. She trained in Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic and The University of Leeds, and in Multimedia Systems at London Guildhall University. She works with Patrick Simons as glorious ninth http://www.gloriousninth.net They work with sound, protocol, text, images and video to make artworks and DIY installations for galleries, online and other places. Their work is disseminated through a variety of forms from text-based lists in publications such as Databrowser 04 Creating Insecurity: art and culture in the age of security; numerous online exhibitions since 2001; events at festivals such as The Port Eliot Lit Fest; gallery installations in exhibitions such as the Arts Council England funded Net:Reality touring group show. For additional information about Kate Southworth check her bio.