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The Eccentric City distributed by iRes.

iRes joins the network of distributors of The Eccentric City, the world’s first dedicated eccentric newspaper. A free 'emotional' copy of the magazine is now available at iRes lab, Woodlane Campus, Falmouth. If you would like to receive a copy, please visit us at iRes or send us an email to ires@falmouth.ac.uk

This magazine in a newspaper format is an annual publication that serves “to review, preview, present and promote the nuisances of personal and creative pursuits, interests and fascinations” say Harry Palmer and Si Walker, the editor and co-publishers of the magazine.

Harry Palmer is a folk artist, eccentric researcher, publisher and writer, on a long journey of many various artistic creations. He was invited by MA Interactive Art & Design student Rebecca Gamble to present his work at iRes Research Salon in 2007.


MA Interactive Art & Design ran from 2002 - 2007 at University College Falmouth and was led by iRes Cluster Leader, Kate Southworth.

If you are intrested in pursuing MPhil/PhD study in Interactive Art & Design or New Media Art, contact Kate Southworth for an informal chat at kate.southworth@falmouth.ac.uk or call her on 0044-(0)1326-370733.