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Presenting Participation 4 - series of Open Research Meetings

iRes invites everyone to the final in the series of iRes Open Research Meeting, Presenting Participation 4. During this meeting artists who take part in the exhibition Participation, which opens on 25 October in the Poly (Falmouth Arts Centre), will present final two works selected for the exhibition.

As during previous events, this iRes Open Research Meeting is an occasion to meet the artists and look deeper into the process of producing a work. We will also discuss the subject of the exhibition – participation, through open conversations and debates.

Open Research Meeting
Presenting Participation 4
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
with Jem Mackay, Ana Carvalho, Tim Shear
Kathmore Seminar D
12.30 – 13.30
Woodlane Campus

Jem Mackay is currently studying for a PhD at the University of the Arts, London. His practice enquires into the political structures of creative collaboration, particularly looking at the open source model from the field of computer programming and exploring its relevance to the practice of filmmaking.

During the meeting, Jem will talk about his work Legend of King Arthur and process involved in making this highly collaborative piece. With this piece, Jem explores the openness of a legend and how it can be applied to stories within our new technologies.

Journeys Through Time & Space is an audio-visual installation which allows the viewer to participate directly via a specially designed dance floor, forming a collective live audio-visual experience, previously only delivered by VJs and DJs confined to a booth or stage. This installation is a result of collaboration between an artist Ana Carvalho, a composer Pedro Lima and Tim Shear, a research technologist working in iRes lab at University College Falmouth.


The artists, who are taking part in the exhibition, work in different media such as video, internet, computer based installations and mixed media. Open Research Meetings are occasion for those interested to look deeper into the process of producing a work which is also engaged in establishing and suggesting relationships between the kinds of participation and the media used.

Open Research Meetings are also considered to be a discursive part of the projects for artists and the curator to explore other meanings of participation, perhaps not originally concerned and/or included in the work and not necessarily intended for the work.
Everyone is invited to join this process and search for other meanings of Participation.

These Open Research Meetings and exhibition Participation are curated by Magda Tyzlik-Carver and are part of the ongoing research into New Models of Curating undertaken by Magda in iRes. All of the events are organised by iRes.

Please circulate this information to anyone interested.