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Resident artists at iRes in 2008 - Sönke Hallman (Department of Reading / Berlin) and Scott Rigby (Basekamp / Philadelphia)

Sönke Hallman and Scott Rigby are resident artists at iRes in September 2008. They have been invited by iRes Research Assistant Magda Tyżlik-Carver to work on an experimental research project considering the concept of the common and community in relation to networks.

As part of their residency they will also participate in the forum "Virtual Networks, Social Fabrics" at Networks of Design Conference organised by Design History Society at University College Falmouth. Projects Department of Reading and Plausible Artworlds will be exhibited at (IN)visible networks exhibition curated by Kate Southworth and Magda Tyżlik-Carver at the Poly, Falmouth in 1 - 5 September 2008.

Sönke Hallmann
Sönke Hallmann currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied German literature and philosophy at the University of Hamburg and has since then published on questions concerning new forms of community, the experience of language and contemporary conceptions of messianism. In 2006 Sönke Hallmann initiated The Department of Reading.

This organisation is an artist-group and non-commercial space, which has researched and co-developed interdisciplinary, self-organized art projects with other individuals and groups in various authorship-blurring configurations for the past decade. Scott Rigby co-founded and continues to co-organize BASEKAMP's collaborative projects, international residency program, and exhibition space in Philadelphia with a rotating group of artists. The resulting projects have appeared in non-art contexts, online, in artist-run spaces, and institutional venues. Rigby has co-written several essays, and frequently presents at international conferences on critical group practices.