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Presenting Participation 3 - series of Open Research Meetings

iRes invites everyone to the event Presenting Participation 3, third in the series of Open Research Meetings presenting works which have been selected for the exhibition Participation, which is to take place in the Poly (Falmouth Arts Centre) in Falmouth in October 2007.

During the meetings we will discuss the subject of the exhibition – participation, through open conversations and debates about artworks.

Open Research Meeting
Wednesday, 6 June 2007
with Jason Cleverly, Sarah Mathews, Susan Corke
Library Seminar A
12.30 – 14.00
Woodlane Campus

Jason Cleverly is a course leader of Contemporary Crafts at University College Falmouth. For Participation he is designing and developing a small scale artefact based around the design of a Victorian mantle clock. Visitors will be invited to select and display ephemera and small objects perhaps of personal significance or of aesthetic value. The image of a staged installation will be then fed onto the screen positioned in the clock’s face via a camera installed inside the artefact. The artist thus attempts to render the mundane significant by its display on an ornamental domestic structure.

Building upon his background in the applied arts, Jason Cleverly has become increasingly interested in the design and development of site-specific, interactive installations. He exhibited extensively and represented British Crafts at the major international exhibition in Chicago in 2001. Recent projects include interactive artworks The Universal Curator (2003) for the Hunt Museum Limerick Ireland, The Perceptive Engine (2004) for Shipley Art Gallery Gateshead, The Stamp Collector (2006) an interactive installation for the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham.
Continuing his collaboration with social scientists from King's College London he has developed a drawing machine for the Royal Cornwall Museum Truro, the Lineamentum (2007) is designed to promote the close inspection of artefacts that drawing encourages.

Sarah Matthews’ work Return Journey is a board game through which the artist attempts to fulfil her desire to return home “a place far away in time, space and culture” (excerpt from proposal). This journey might be possible through collaborative effort of the players who by taking part in the game, symbolically assist the artist and contribute in her voyage home.
The environment created by the game set (which includes a board and playing pieces) and act of playing the physical and imaginative journey is the process through which the relation between possibility and failure, reality and nostalgia or present and past is explored.

Sarah is an artist, currently studying Fine Art at University College Falmouth. Her creative practice is engaged in exploration of “ways of experiencing home and how we become attached to or feel displaced from particular places”.


Peepshow is a miniature installation proposed for the exhibition by Susan Corke. Within this work the artist investigates “the role of the audience as a participatory factor in a theatrical type of viewing experience and how this form of interaction may be extended into supposedly passive art forms including illustration". (excerpt from the proposal)

For most of her career Susan Corke has worked in the media within both the print and digital publishing industries. She previously studied Digital Arts and at the moment is a student on the MA Illustration Authorial Practice at University College Falmouth. "


The artists, who are taking part in the exhibition, work in different media such as video, internet, computer based installations and mixed media. Open Research Meetings are occasion for those interested to look deeper into the process of producing a work which is also engaged in establishing and suggesting relationships between the kinds of participation and the media used.

Open Research Meetings are also considered to be a discursive part of the projects for artists and the curator to explore other meanings of participation, perhaps not originally concerned and/or included in the work and not necessarily intended for the work.
Everyone is invited to join this process and search for other meanings of Participation.

These Open Research Meetings and exhibition Participation are curated by Magda Tyzlik-Carver and are part of the ongoing research into New Models of Curating undertaken by Magda in iRes. All of the events are organised by iRes.

Please circulate this information to anyone interested.