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|+| Paper: Internet Art as Index of Ethical Resistance (PDF)

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Core Team
|+|Kate Southworth
|+|Magda Tyżlik-Carver
|+|Tim Shear

Associate Researchers
|+|Dr. Nancy Roth
|+|Dr. Jason Whittaker
|+|Deborah Baker

Collaborating Artists
|+|Patrick Simons
|+|Jason Cleverly

Doctoral Researcher
|+|Damon Talor

International artists in residence
|+|Hagen Betzwiser
|+|Sue Corke
|+|Sönke Hallmann
|+|Scott Rigby
|+|Christina McPhee
|+|Mark Amerika

Project Researchers
|+|Ana Carvalho
|+|Brendan Byrne

|+| Events

|+| Talks

|+| Helen Sloan
|+| Robert La Frenais
|+| Hagen Betzwiser & Sue Corke
|+| Louise K. Wilson
|+| Kate Southworth (Tate St. Ives)
|+| Kate Rich
|+| Michael Szpakowski
|+| Thomson & Craighead
|+| Michael 'Takeo' Magruder

|+| Exhibitions

|+| AIAS 2009
|+| Interactive Work-table and Escritoire
|+| (IN)visible networks
|+| Participation
|+| Interactions

|+| Festivals

|+| WHOT (VJing and real time     interaction)

|+| Forum

|+| Beyond the Limits of Networking
|+| Virtual Networks, Social Fabrics

|+| lab_Off Centre

|+| Inga Zimprich presenting CCCK
|+| David Goldenberg presenting Post Autonomy project
|+| Robin Mackay presenting Collapse

|+| Online/Offline Events

|+|playing practice
|+|Basekamp and C:cred:    Collaboration and critical    curating
|+|Discursive Picnick with UNWETTER

|+| Open Research Meetings

|+|Presenting Participation 4
|+|Presenting Participation 3
|+|Presenting Participation 2
|+|Presenting Participation 1
|+|Basekamp and C:cred:    Collaboration and critical    curating
|+|Sarah Matthews
|+|Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth
|+|(Series) Meetings in 2004/2005

|+| Project Presentation

|+|Dr Johnson and the Digital

|+| Research Salon

|+|Mark Amerika
|+|Jeremy Tridgell
|+|Harry Palmer
|+|Dr. Jason Whittaker:    Zoamorphosis: 250 years of Blake    Mutations
|+|Stewart Home
|+|Kate Rich
|+|Dr. Nancy Roth: Creativity in a    Telematic Society, Villem    Flusser's Model
|+|Andrew Bucksbarg: Music, Video,    Visual Music and Interaction
|+|Furtherfield.org: Net Art,    critical text & creative freedom
|+|Stanza: Exploring Audiovisual    Interactions

|+| Research Seminars

|+|Damon Tylor
|+|Rob la Frenais
|+|Sara Bowler
|+|Meredith Miller
|+|Kate Southworth
|+|Dr Justin Marshall
|+|Dr Kym Martindale
|+|Dr Simon Clarke

|+| Symposium

|+| Disrupting Narratives (Tate     Modern)
|+| Transition - iRes Networking     Event

|+| Workshops

|+| Network Platforms and Collaboration
|+| We Colonised the Moon: collaborative practice and conceptual thinking
|+| Pure Data
|+| Film_on_the_Fly

|+| Tutorials

|+| Hagen Betzwiser & Sue Corke






|+| News

Cultural_Capital to be part of Craftivism at Arnolfini, 12/12/2009 - 14/02/2010
Interactive Work-table and Escritoire exhibited at University College Falmouth 1-16 October 2009.
playing practice exhibited at Canzani Center in Columbus, Ohio.
Two papers to be presented by Kate Southworth at ISEA 2009.
Interactive Work-table and Escritoire at The House of Words exhibition in London (2 June – 29 August 2009)
Immobilité presented in Streaming Museum, a hybrid museum for cyberspace and public space on seven continents.
cultural_capital to be presented at INFECTED SEMINAR in University of Plymouth
Join us for playing practice, collaborative curatorial event online and in the Urbanomic Studio, Falmouth on Sunday 19 April.
cultural_capital is now in the care of curators
Immobilité, a feature-length mobile phone art film by Mark Amerika shot in Cornwall to have its premiere in New York
Stewart Home on avant-garde and network platforms
Artist Louise K. Wilson at iRes
Collaborative artists in-residence programme between iRes and Fine Art BA (Hons) starts with the project We Colonised the Moon by Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwiser.
Programme of staff Research Seminars.
Article Distributed Art of Invisible Networks: Notes on Network Politics by Magda Tyżlik-Carver published in Techsty, magazine of literature and new media.
iRes Tech Workshops free and open to all students. Register now for seminars in winter term!
Interview with Mark Amerika, visiting artist in residence at iRes in summer 2007, published on Tate website.
VJam Theory: Collective Writing on Realtime Visual Performance published by Realtime Books.
(IN)visible networks - exhibition for Networks of Design, 1 - 5 September, Spring Gallery, The Poly, Falmouth
iRes forums at Networks of Design conference, 5 - 6 September, University College Falmouth, Tremough Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, UK
Resident artists at iRes in 2008 - Sönke Hallman (Department of Reading / Berlin) and Scott Rigby (Basekamp / Philadelphia)
THINKING NOTHING - the void and its resurgence in contemporary thought - a one day symposium, Thursday, 31st July, 2008 University College Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
iRes supports Maritime Rythms
love_potion and invisibility phial reviewed on Furtherfield.org
lab_Off Centre: Robin Mackay presenting Collapse
iRes supports major conference Media Matters: Friedrich Kittler and Technoculture at Tate Modern
lab_Off Centre - David Goldenberg presenting Post Autonomy project
Doing a Doctorate! Research Study Day hosted at University College Falmouth
lab_Off Centre - Inga Zimprich presenting CCCK
invisibility phial: dead screen scrollworks #1 is a new artwork by glorious ninth.
Kate Southworth on Live Art Falmouth 07
Eccentric City distributed by iRes
Deborah Baker, joins iRes as Associate Researcher
Nigel Ayers, a graduate of MA Interactive Art & Design, exhibits at Newlyn Gallery as part of Green Cube collective
Paper on love_potion to be delivered by Kate Southworth at ISEA2008
love_potion selected for the Rhizome ArtBase
Presenting Participation 4 on Wednesday 10 October 2007, Kathmore Seminar D, Woodlane Campus, Falmouth
Exhibition Participation - 26-30 October 2007, the Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Kate Southworth talks about Open Source at Tate St. Ives
Research Salon with Mark Amerika
Research Salon with Jeremy Tridgell: Using the web to explore the lost folksonomy of sustainability.
Research Salon with Harry Palmer.
Presenting Participation 3 - series of Open Research Meetings.
Mark Amerika joins iRes as International Visiting Professor for Summer 2007
Research Salon with Stewart Home
Presenting participation 2 - series of Open Research Meetings
Zoamorphosis: 250 years of Blake Mutations - iRes Research Salon with Jason Whittaker
Disrupting Narratives 13 July 2007 - Tate Modern in collaboration with iRes
Transition - iRes networking event on 16th May 2007
Artists Talk with Michael Szpakowski
Creativity in a Telematic Society: Vilém Flusser's Model - iRes Research Salon with Nancy Roth
Presenting participation 1 - Series of Open Research Meetings
Music Video, Visual Music and Interaction - iRes Research Salon with Andrew Bucksbarg
Tea, collaboration, critical curating and... English breakfast
Call for contribution in 'PARTICIPATION' - artists and practitioners, students and staff based in and around University College Falmouth.
WHOT - a day dedicated to VJing and realtime interaction
Open Research Meeting with Sarah Matthews
November an online networked performance by Glorious Ninth and Furtherfield.org
Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne join iRes team to work on their project - VJ Theory Book
Discursive Picnic with UNWETTER at Open Research Meeting
Artists' Talk with Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead
Artists' Talk with Michael 'Takeo' Magruder
Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth
featuring at Open Research Meeting organised by iRes
Packet Switching review on Furtherfield.org
Net art, critical text & creative freedom
Second Research Salon with Furtherfield.org artists
Glorious Ninth at Port Eliot Lit Fest 2005
Packet Switching, the new work by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons at Net:Reality
Kate Southworth delivers talk at VJ Festival - AVIT 2005
Exploring Audiovisual Interactions
First Research Salon and Lecture with Stanza in Falmouth
Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons as guest contributors
at –empyre– in April 2005
iNet blog for use of art practitioners interested in interactive art
Open Research Meeting
Articulating a Matrixial Space paper by Kate Southworth delivered at international art conference in Norway
Glorious Ninth at Ignition Digital Arts Festival, Penzance, Cornwall
Glorious Ninth at Port Eliot Lit Fest 2004
Christina McPhee invited by iRes to work on collaborative practice-led research project within matrixial space

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