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Workshop Network Platforms and Collaboration

Stewart Home

13 May 2009
10.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs
Library Seminar A,

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Research Salon (2007)

photos courtesy of Stewart Home

A workshop designed to take forward the ways in which I’ve been working collaboratively on the web. It will draw on the joint “Tree Sex Girl Network” developed in 2007 with Paolo Cirio and Tatiana Bazzichelli, which was hosted via MySpace profiles and YouTube videos and was an entirely fake network of “bot girls” who claimed they liked making love to trees and listening to breakbeat. As part of the workshop we will produce blueprints (using video, photography and texts) for some new fake social networking profiles and critically reconsider the project’s characteristics.

There is a limited number of places (10) for the workshop. As it is anticipated that the workshop will be very popular, please book your place by sending an email by Wednesday 22 April to magda[at]falmouth[dot]ac[dot]uk. You will be notified if you have a place by Thursday 30 April.
We will provide few computers and video cameras, but participants are asked to bring their own if possible, as there will not be enough for everyone.

Stewart Home is an artist and one of the most innovative and unorthodox novelists writing in English. His ever-growing body of work has sought to rework genre-fiction of the 1960s and 70s through a deconstructive dialogue with erotica and critical theory. The result, in novels such as 69 Things to do With a Dead Princess, is a bewildering and dynamic interrogation of the novel form, and of cultural economy more generally. As Jenny Turner in the London Review of Books put it: ‘I really don’t think anyone interested in the study of literature has any business not knowing the work of Stewart Home’. Yet that is hardly to suggest that Home’s work fits into the ponderously academic, at all points engaging and evading the critical paradigms that we may try to throw at him.

More broadly Home is an (anti)art historian, chronicler of the forgotten avant-garde and activist. He was responsible for such episodes as the ‘necrocard’, the art strike of 1990-3, as well as the auteur of several short films. His most recent publications include: Memphis Underground (Snowbooks, London 2007), Tainted Love (Virgin Books, London 2005), Down & Out In Shoreditch & Hoxton (Do-Not Press, London 2004), 69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess (Canongate, Edinburgh 2002), Whips & Furs: My life as a bon vivant, gambler & love rat ‘by’ Jesus H. Christ (Attack Books, London 2000), Confusion Incorporated: A collection of lies, hoaxes & hidden truths (Codex, Hove 1999), The House of Nine Squares: letters on neoism, psychogeography and epistemological trepidation (Invisible books, London 1997).
Cranked Up Really High: Genre theory & punk rock (Codex, Hove 1995. New edition 1997).