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Artists' Talks Michael 'Takeo' Magruder

Michael 'Takeo' Magruder

22nd March 2006


Screen grabs from www.takeo.org

Michael Takeo Magruder, an American artist based in the UK who works within the fields of New and Interactive Media, visited Falmouth on 22nd March to talk about his work.

For the past decade his artistic practice has reflected upon society's data-driven and information-saturated existence through the examination of international news communications. By recombining the notions of art and media, he has analysed interconnections between the individual and the pervasive media network; a questioning of product vs. process, knowledge vs. stimulation, fact vs. perspective.

Participants in the Artists' Talks series are internationally established artists working within internet and new media. They have been invited by iRes to present their work to researchers, practitioners and students working within art, design and media at University College Falmouth.