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Research Salon Jeremy Tridgell

Jeremy Tridgell

3 July 2007
13.30 hrs – 15.00 hrs
RGS, Seminar A
Woodlane, Falmouth


Jeremy Tridgell was born in Essex in the middle of the 20thC. When he was eighteen he unloaded tomatoes in Dover Docks and spent two months locked up with the terminally insane working for £7/16/6 a week.

After several years working with the extreme, disaffected youth of Bethnal Green he had, by the early eighties, switched his attention, moving out in to more real worlds. He sought change not cures.
Where was consumer society going, could we tell, or do anything about it?

He researched the difficulties of managing personal incomes in high rise housing, then neighbourhood coops as harbingers of rights in employment and community. Graphic design was for him always about explanation and facilitation. Friends of the Earth asked him whether the Isle of Man really needed a new power station; he reported on how Guernsey could survive Peak Oil.

The late 80s saw his arrival in Cornwall and forays further into design and animation. What would a windfarm look like on the landscape? How much energy does it take to run a community, and how do you explain that? Preoccupied by questions we would now call issues of sustainability, he has for several years answered the call of the institution, working to harbinger new dynamics for new learners, different perceptions of working environments.

He will explore issues raised by his latest research, funded by Education for Sustainable Development. Is there a visual language of sustainability? Can we examine sustainability by the traces it leaves in the visual world? Exploring the possibilities of Web2.0 interactive webspace, his web site ecoloqo tracks the development of undergraduate consciousness and raises concerns about transdisciplinary knowledge in open networked space.

Can sustainability mean anything in Art, Design Media? How can people engage?

Jeremy is self-invited to iRes by the dissemination strategy of his project ecoloqo.