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Research Salon Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer

19 June 2007
11.00 hrs – 12.30 hrs
Library, Seminar C
Woodlane, Falmouth


Harry Palmer is a folk artist, eccentric researcher, writer and producer, on a long journey of many varied artistic creations.

He develops, devises and involves himself in site related projects; public spaces & places ‘actions and activities'. These have included locations such as car boots, banks & bridges, allotments, village halls, rivers & canals, streets and squares, the countryside and festivals.

More recently, he now reports on enthusiasts in the form of radio and text (see http://www.knex3.org/). Harry is also the editor and co-publisher of the The Eccentric City – the world’s first dedicated eccentric newspaper - http://eccentriccity.co.uk

Harry has been invited to iRes by MA Interactive Art & Design student, Rebecca Gamble.