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Project Presentation Dr Johsnon and the Digital

Jason Cleverly
Tim Shear

Project Presentation:
13 October, 17.30 - 18.30
Lecture Theatre (Chapel), Tremough House, Tremough Campus, Penryn

1 - 16 October 2009
09.00 hrs – 20.00 hrs


‘Dr Johnson and the Digital’ is a presentation of the project Interactive Work Table and Escritoire which is currently exhibited in the Library at Tremough Campus.

Jason Cleverly and Tim Shear will talk about the project and the working process involved in making the work. There will be also time for questions after the presentation.

Jason Cleverly, who is BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts Course Leader will talk about his project portfolio and how his practice as an applied artist has developed from making automata, objects and installations to working with digital tools and media. He will also discuss digital design process and his interpretation of the curatorial brief and the commission for ‘The House of Words’.

Tim Shear will present an annotated design specification diagram which illustrates the technical architecture on which project runs. Tim’s presentation will also highlight collaborations which were intrinsic to the whole infrastructure of the project.

The presentation will give an insight to digital processes employed in making (designing, manufacturing, programming) the work. It will also give an overview how artistic practice changes and is influenced by tools and media used. 

About Interactive Work-table and Escritoire:
The project is a playful recreation of version of Johnson’s writing desk, updated with interactive and networked technology. Visitors are invited to participate in compiling a modern version of the dictionary by inputting word entries onto paper using a special digital pen. Entries are then uploaded to the dictionary at www.drjohnsonsgarret.net and can be viewed online.

Dr Johsnon is famous for writing one of the most influential dictionaries in the history of English language, which was compiled and written on a large table at Gough Square in London and published in 1755. Interactive Work-table and Escritoire was originally commissioned for the Arts Council funded exhibition ‘The House of Words’ at Dr Johnson’s House in London. 

Jason Cleverly has produced interactive works for museums throughout the UK including the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (2007); the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham (2006); the Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent (2004);The Hunt Museum Limerick Ireland (2003) Shipley  Museum & Art Gallery Gateshead (2003), as well as public artworks such as The Green Man (2003) for the Midlands Transport Authority, Birmingham. He is Course Director of Contemporary Crafts at University College Falmouth.

Tim Shear is Research Technologist with UCF's iRes research group.  His current technical explorations are focused around: mobile apps, open source network technologies, physical/environmental interactions within network devices and calm interfaces; his programming supports the artists and researchers within the group