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Open Research Meeting


5th April 2006
12.30 hrs – 13.30 hrs
Rosehill Garden Studio Woodlane, Falmouth and vacant lot in Berlin-Friedrichshain


photos by UNWETTER 2006, iRes 2006

Open Research Meeting with Berlin based group of artists, curators and theorists, UNWETTER, was the second in series ‘New models of curating?’
This meeting in the form of Disursive Picnic took place in virtual space of internet via wireless video chat connection, Rosehill Gardens in Falmouth and on a vacant lot in Berlin-Friedrichshain, the space that is part of the community garden project “Rosa Rose”..

     UNWETTER is an international group of artists, curators, critics and      theoreticians based in Berlin, Germany whose name was chosen for a      reason. UNWETTER is the German word for stormy and turbulent weather.      Like UNWETTER, radical worldwide transformations (“globalization”)      reshuffle existing cultural orders, political hierarchies and knowledge      systems. One of UNWETTER’s ambitions is to react to these changes, to      register and to chart them, to generate new possibilities for action      under these changed global weather conditions, and – not the least – to      explore the new spaces which open up in this process.


iRes and UNWETTER invited everyone to participate in this online/offline Discursive Picnic to mix ideas and thoughts about curating, production and distribution of art in urban and non-urban public spaces, outside or within the institutions.
UNWETTER’s format of Discursive Picnic functions as a “temporary, self-organising event, according to the logic of potluck where research, food and ideas are shared”.

Open Research Meeting is part of ‘New models of Curating?’ research undertaken at iRes by Magda Tyzlik-Carver.