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Open Research Meeting

Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth (AIHPOF)

16th February 2006
12.30 hrs – 13.30 hrs
Seminar Room A
Rosehill Garden Studios

Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth

photos by Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth, 2005

Two iRes Open Research Meetings organised by Research Assistant Magda Tyzlik-Carver as part of her research into new models of curating are planned for the late winter / early spring of 2006.

The first Open Research Meeting featured the local collective of people, Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth. They discussed with the audience their practice of organising collaborative art events ‘every now and then’ in public spaces of Falmouth. They talked also about the concerns of collaborative practice that exists outside institutional settings.

Art in Hidden Places of Falmouth attempts to create a network for artists to communicate, collaborate and show works in public spaces in the town of Falmouth, Cornwall.

It also aims to engage anyone interested in keeping in touch with art which is being made in the area.

This Open Research Meeting is part of ‘New models of curating?’ research undertaken at iRes by Magda Tyzlik-Carver.