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Research Seminar Moving Furniture: Functional Objects and the Construction of Subjectivity

Karenanne Knight

3 June 2009
15.30 hrs – 16.55 hrs
Conference Room,


Are we in danger of teaching literacy without books? What do children want from their initial reading material? What encourages children to become voracious readers? What are the fundamental differences between the various reading materials used in the initial teaching and learning stages of literacy?

This paper takes the audience on a journey, through the eyes of the novice reader. It outlines the development of a series of books from idea to publication, books conceived, generated and developed with and through the child as creator.

What are the implications of this study for Writers and Illustrators or Picture Book Makers today and in the future, for under and post-graduate students of Creative Writing, Illustration and Authorial Practice specifically and arts students generally?

In Creating Academic Learning Futures in Higher Education Institutions for Arts students and Practitioners within the framework of today’s commercial market, what impact will this research have for future learning?

This seminar outlines the research completed and post-doctoral research interest emanating from the initial study that incorporates the development of the CALF (Creating Academic Learning Futures) Project at University College Falmouth.

Karenanne Knight combines her lecturing at University College Falmouth (BA Illustration, BA English Creative Writing, MA Professional Writing and MA Illustration – Authorial Practice) with her work as a practitioner, using text and image to create work that is often described as ‘powerful and profound’. Her work has developed after winning business awards and a number of bursaries. She has recently combined this work with a residency for the British Army and is currently coming to the end of a year long collaboration with Truro Cathedral (exhibiting in the Cathedral from June 29th until 31st August). Karenanne’s PhD Text and Image: An Investigation into Children’s Picture Books in the Development of Child Literacy has led to post doctoral research and commissions from leading and eminent theorists Prof. Andrew Melrose and Prof. Jack Zipes (Germany and USA).

Karenanne’s illustrative work has been used as the basis for a new online journal ‘Writing for Children’, whilst her academic portfolio continues to expand with a paper recently published in New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing Vol 5:1,2008. She has been guest speaker at a number of universities including the University of Glamorgan and Kingston University and travelled to Australia in 2007 to deliver a paper based on her research at the University of New England.