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Research Seminar AUTOMAKE (Interactive generative design tools for individualised production)

Dr Justin Marshall

4 February 2009
15.30 hrs – 16.55 hrs
Conference Room,


This project involves combining computer based generative systems with craft knowledge and digital production technologies to create a new way of designing and making works which re figures the relationship between maker and consumer, craft and industrial production.

Automake involves the development of a digital generative system for the creation of one off craft/design works based on randomly generated 3D matrixes. The system has been used by the maker/researcher involved in the project to develop new work, and most significantly, by consumers who then become ‘co-creators’ of their own craft/design works. To this end software with a user friendly interface has been developed to facilitate the creation of new works by users with no previous experience of CAD. The data produced by this new software will then be used to directly control a range of rapid prototyping and manufacturing technologies, which will physically produce the new designs.

This presentation will discuss both the practical development of this system and it significance within in a rapidly developing post industrial world.

Dr Justin Marshall Dr Justin Marshall is currently a Research Fellow working within Autonomatic, the 3D Digital Research Cluster based at University College Falmouth. He is a practising maker and researcher with a diverse training in range of visual art and design disciplines.
Over the last ten years his research has involved investigating the integration of digital technologies into both art and craft practices. Recent projects have concentrated on the role of digital technologies in building new relationships between independent makers and industry, and to refigure the relationship between maker and consumer.